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Vegan Fitness Model Rocks
the Arnold Classic 2008

Vegan Fitness Model Denise Nicole from Ocean City, Maryland, United States of America competed on Saturday, March 1st, on the Muscular Development Stage at the Expo Center at the Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio. The competition was by invitation only, and only 10 fitness models from all over the world were chosen to compete in the Muscular Development Fitness Model event. The Arnold Classic is considered the largest Sports Competition and Expo the World over. Denise Nicole competes in Bodybuilding Competitions throughout the year in the Fitness Model and Figure divisions. You can find more on Denise Nicole and her upcoming schedule at DeniseNicole.com

VeganBodybuilding.com Interview:

What was it like competing at the largest fitness festival in the world? 

Simply Incredible! I could feel the energy from the massive crowd when I took the stage, creating a phenomenal adrenaline rush. Receiving the invitation to compete was simply amazing given the amount of fitness models, bodybuilders and figure competitors who wanted the spot. I absolutely love the stage and having the opportunity to compete was mind-blowing. 

How did the event go?

The event was fantastic. The Muscular Development Team and the MC’s Jose Canseco and Triple H, did a wonderful job.  After the competition, several from the crowd were pulling on my arm for photographs, so I was asked by the promoters to stay to accommodate the wonderful people attending the event. 

Any favorite moments from the fitness weekend? 

Working with the Muscular Development Team, & Members of Vegan Bodybuilding (my roomies) as well as meeting some of the most accomplished names in the industry was such a joy and a pleasure. 

Anyone you'd like to thank? 

Absolutely! Members from the Muscular Development Team, Dave Palumbo and John Romano. ARL Industries Aurther L Rae, for helping to sponsor the competition. Triple H and Jose Canseco for MCing the event. My room mates from VeganBodybuilding.com, who put up with me the entire weekend and helped me to prepare for the event, Robert Cheeke, Ravi, and Josh. My trainer who has been with me every step of the way Robbie Hazeley. And finally, all my friends and fans I have made along the way. The PM’s, and e-mails I receive give me strength and encouragement to continue what I do. Knowing I am influencing others for the better is exactly why I do what I do. 

What's next for you? Any upcoming events? 

I have several modeling venues coming up as well as several competitions this year, which will be regularly updated on my site DeniseNicole.com I invite anyone in the area to come out and watch! I look forward to meeting you.

Current Competition Dates are:

April 5, 2008 - Philadelphia, PA
OCB Natural Bodybuilding Association Classic

April 26, 2008 - Baltimore, MD
OCB Eastern Regional

 June 28, 2008 - Wilmington, DE
OCB Central Eastern Seaboard States

 August 9, 2008 - Washington, DC
OCB Presidential Cup (IFPA Bodybuilding & Figure Pro Qualifier)

 August 16, 2008 - Norfolk, VA
OCB Tidewater Physique Classic with the Norfolk Military Championships

 August 23, 2008 - Trenton, NJ
OCB Mid-Atlantic Classic (IFPA Bodybuilding & Figure Pro Qualifier)

 October 18, 2008 - Baltimore, MD
OCB Charm City Classic (IFPA Bodybuilding & Figure Pro Qualifier)

 November 15, 2008 - Washington, DC
OCB Nationals (IFPA Bodybuilding & Figure Super Pro Qualifier)

Anything you would like too add?

Yes, I will continue on my journey to break down pre-conceived notions regarding vegans and bodybuilding. Every competition, every modeling venue I do I break those notions down and shatter them into pieces. Proving every day that I can thrive in the fitness world! I am also now working as a personal trainer, and provide nutrition and training programs for a gambit of people for both men and women, from body building competitors, to triathletes, to the everyday person who wants to live a healthy life style. Making a difference is an extremely satisfying feeling. I will continue to do public speaking venues on fitness as well as veganism and the health benefits of a healthy vegan diet & regular fitness program. Healthy eating and fitness is a lifestyle not a temporary fix.