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Leg Workout 1: Quadriceps and Calves

by Robert Cheeke, Vegan Bodybuilder, February 28th, 2004

When I workout my legs I warm up for 6-10 minutes, just a little bit longer than I do when I train other muscle groups. I want to make sure that my legs are ready to do some serious lifting. After I use a stair stepper or bike, I'll do a few light exercises to engage the quads. I typically do standing squats with no weight, leg extensions, and hamstring curls, for about 20 reps each, stretching in between exercises. I usually rest a little longer between sets when I train my legs as well. Anywhere from 1-5 minutes, depending on how heavy the weight is, how my muscles feel, and which set I'm on for that exercise. I also stretch and drink a lot of water during my training session that will last just a little over an hour total. Let's get down to business.


45 pounds 20 reps
135 pounds 15 reps
225 pounds 10 reps
315 pounds 6 reps
335 pounds 3 reps

Leg Press
270 pounds 15 reps
360 pounds 12 reps
450 pounds 10 reps
540 pounds 8 reps
630 pounds 6 reps

Leg Extensions
170 pounds 15 reps
210 pounds 12 reps
230 pounds 10 reps
250 pounds 8 reps
265 pounds 5 reps


Standing Machine Calf Raises 200 pounds 15-25 reps
220 pounds 15-20 reps
240 pounds 12-15 reps
260 pounds 10-15 reps

Leg Press Toe Presses
270 pounds 15-25 reps
320 pounds 15-20 reps
370 pounds 12-15 reps
400 pounds 10-15 reps

End of workout