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Leg Workout 2: Hamstrings and Calves

by Robert Cheeke, Vegan Bodybuilder, February 28th, 2004

When I workout my legs I warm up for 6-10 minutes, just a little bit longer than I do when I train other muscle groups. I want to make sure that my legs are ready to do some serious lifting. After I use a stair stepper or bike, I'll do a few light exercises to engage the hamstrings. I typically do standing lunges with no weight, seated or lying hamstring curls, and leg extensions, for about 20 reps each, stretching in between exercises. I usually rest a little longer between sets when I train my legs as well. Anywhere from 1-5 minutes, depending on how heavy the weight is, how my muscles feel, and which set I'm on for that exercise. I also stretch and drink a lot of water during my training session that will last just a little over an hour total. Remember that this is just one workout, each time exercises change, weight changes, number of sets and reps could change, etc. Let's get down to business.


Dumbbell Lunges
100 pounds 12 reps each leg
120 pounds 10 reps each leg
130 pounds 8 reps each leg
140 pounds 6 reps each leg

Hack Squats
110 pounds 15 reps
200 pounds 12 reps
290 pounds 10 reps
380 pounds 8 reps
430 pounds 5 reps
200 pounds 12 reps

Straight-Leg Dead Lifts 95 pounds 12 reps
135 pounds 10 reps
185 pounds 8 reps

Seated Hamstring Curls
80 pounds 15 reps
100 pounds 10 reps
120 pounds 8 reps


Seated Calf Raises
100 pounds 15-25 reps
120 pounds 15-20 reps
140 pounds 12-15 reps
160 pounds 10-15 reps

Standing Machine Calf Raises
200 pounds 15-25 reps
220 pounds 15-20 reps
240 pounds 12-15 reps
260 pounds 10-15 reps

End of Workout