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Male and Vegan

Traditionally there has been a pretty big association with eating meat and masculinity; making a man! I reckon this can be seen in Homer's book 'The Odyssey', big meat based meals and plenty of animal sacrifice. Don't know about you but I don't do much animal sacrificing these days, either for Gods or for myself. But it still happens a lot (the meat eating...), pop along to the local family barbeque and you'll probably find a whole water buffalo slowly cooking away on the spit. It’s an occasion for men to gather round with a beer and chat about 'male things'. What's all that about? Where'd this meat centered culture come from? Why this obsession with eating dead animals? It isn't particularly good for you, the environment (stretch your mind a bit there) or for what you've eaten, especially where factory farming is concerned.

In contemporary culture animals are treated as objects that can be manipulated for our perceived 'needs'. The manipulators in chief are (surprise, surprise) the industry profiteers, but there is nothing particularly manly about supporting this industry. I personally reckon (as I would being vegan) that making a stand against animal cruelty is
far more in tune with what we should be about, some people see a refusal to take part in this morbid industry as weakness, that a person cannot stand to see death or suffering. Personally, I'm against the notion of unnecessary suffering and it's a show of strength to stand up and openly demonstrate this, to move against the current that most people are happy to float on. If you believe in compassion for fellow sentient beings that cannot stand up against rampant human exploitation, then give up cow’s milk, cheese, eggs and meat. Show that every day you can live a life that is different, compassion in action. The vegan argument is here to be won. If you want to live in a better world, practical steps need to be taken.

Be a man, be vegan.

Kevster - UK