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Torre Competes Pro!
by Torre Washington


First I would like to say thank you to Vegan Bodybuilding.com for your support and a great website.

I did my first Pro show with SNBF after gaining Pro status in my 2nd show with them and after having ACL surgery over a year ago, great healing with a Vegan diet.

I placed 3rd against great competition and men who outweighed me by 15-25lbs. (www.snbf.com) it was in Montgomery, AL on May28th, pics below.

On June 16-17, I competed in Musclemania Universe in Miami, FL.

This show was HUGE with 500 competitors from all over the world, and it was televised live on ESPN3, it can be replayed right now at www.espn3.com under (Fitness part II), and our part is about 5hrs in as the show started at 3pm.

What an amazing experience, when people look at me in clothing, I seem just small and inconspicuous :), but I do like that being the case, I was able to train with an IFBB Pro Paul Baker, who was just amazed at the level of conditioning that I had in my body, with clothes off.

I was able to discuss my lifestyle with a few people and photographers at this event, and they were just taken aback that I am a vegan, alot of the competitors can be rather "competitive" as in wanting to seem tough and I am going to beat you mentality, but I always go to have fun, so alot of the other athletes wanted me to disrobe soon, and once I did, it was amazing at the response, they could not believe the level of definition and symmetry, so much so, that some of them started to not speak to me and others were calling me the champion in my class, the Korean team enjoyed taking pictures with me.

Overall  it was an amazing experience, one that I will continue to do and get better, I placed 3rd in this show as well, and after talking to the judges, they all said I have it, just need a little more size, so VEGA products here I come!!, time to pack on some quality muscle.

Now I am looking for some sponsorships and some photo shoots.