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We are Bodybuilders

by Robert Cheeke, Vegan Bodybuilder, September 15th 2004

When bodybuilders travel we are often on the receiving end of many odd and strange looks from the public. Not just because we have larger than average physiques, chiseled with rock hard muscle, but because we have behaviors that are foreign to most people. Observers stare and watch as we pull out protein bars from our fanny packs on the airplane and consume not one, but perhaps two or three at a time. We carry around a suspicious powder with us, only to add water, shake it up, and use it as another protein supplement to stimulate more muscle growth and enhance our physiques.

We care not what others think because we find solace in the fact that there are thousands out there who understand our determination and struggle to maintain what we’ve worked so hard to achieve. It is through grueling hours of sweat, and punishing weight-training sessions, that the foundation of our muscular body is based upon. We take what we’ve been given and fuel ourselves with the highest quality foods produced by Mother Nature to enhance every aspect of our being. We are never satisfied with how our body looks, and we’re always searching for improvements and paying close attention to detail. We are not content with our work ethic, continuously thinking of ways to demand more from ourselves.

Moderation is not a word in our vocabulary, and we strive for as close to perfection as is possible to attain. We are not abnormal, but we stand out in a society of mediocrity and contentment with low levels of individual success. We are driven to succeed and overcome many barriers that keep the average person down and deterred from attempts to accomplish significant feats.

We are true, passionate athletes worried not by how our competition compares to us, but how we compare to our prior selves. We are forward thinking individuals paving the road for followers who have an innate instinct to better themselves and the intrinsic motivation to pursue the bodybuilding dream. We don’t just push heavy weights around; we push ourselves to our physical and mental limits. We raise the standard of excellence everywhere we go. We live to inspire others, creating dreams within them. We are warriors in the gym, chefs in the kitchen, and the masters of our own destiny, forming our own legacy.