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Age: 28
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 62 kg
Birthplace: germany
Current Residence: germany
Sports: savate and freefight, body building, gymnastics, yoga asanas, mountainbiking, running, swimming

Why did you become vegan?

I became vegetarian in 2004, when I started yoga, and I later became vegan because the meat and dairy industries are connected. I also saw that there is no need to use any animal products, and that it is even healthier to be vegan. I don't want to support the captivity of animals, and I don't think we should take their products, which no one really needs anyway.

When and why did you become interested in fitness?

I became interested in fitness 7 years ago when my body started to get fat ;D Seriously, I never was really fat. I started jogging at that time. Bit by bit I added some more sports over the years. I love to be healthy and I love action. it gives you simply a better feeling.

How would you describe your nutrition program?

I try to go raw as much as possible for me. I love a wide variety fruits and eat lots of them. Also nuts, especially cashews and hazelnuts (in raw food quality of course). Additionally, I take algae (spirulina, afa, chlorella), maca powder and wheat germs. I also often eat germed oil seeds and quinoa with guacamole and raw crackers. Sometimes I go to the garden to eat wild greens - I love them and they are so healthy! I always have carob beans at home. They've got much calcium and sugar - for lots of power!

Even if I am eating a lot of raw food, I hardly ever drink pure water. mostly I drink green tea, lapacho tea or ayurvedic ginger water.

if I don't eat raw, I try to live gluten free, because if I eat it, I feel the negative effects, similar to the effect of consuming dairy. I like to cook, for example asian potato soup with garlic, ginger and coconut milk, or quinoa with colorful vegetables and curry. But I don't ever eat much of that cooked stuff at one stroke. sometimes I buy really delicious vegan fingerfood based on vegetables and tofu at my local organic dealer.

How would you describe your training program?

Right now, I do martial arts 3 times a week, running 1 to 2 times, body building (3 split system) 2 to 3 times, gymnastics and yoga 4 to 6 times, mountainbiking whenever I go to the city and studio (in summer I went for a ride 75 km one time a week), swimming once a week if i'm not too frazzled.

What kind of supplements do you use if any, and why?

Maca powder because it's full of minerals and protein, mikro algae (same reason), sometimes magnesia and lapacho tea.

What are some common misconceptions about veganism?

Not really a misconception just about veganism, but about everything in life, is to fight things when people are against it. What people probably don't realise is that they strengthen exactly these things by fighting them. you only need to go for what is right and ignore the bad things.

What do you think the most important aspect of fitness is?

That's easily: the healthy effects to body and soul and the better feeling. We got our body to move it!

What do you like best about being vegan?

the idea, that the count of vegans is rising every day : )

What do you like best about being fit?

it's just fun to do the right thing, especially with others together.

What are your strengths as an athlete?

I think that's my versatility and coordination.

What advice do you have for vegan athletes who are just starting out?

Less is more, especially at the beginning.

What advice do you have for people who are thinking of becoming vegan?

Don't talk much about it with non-vegans - just do it! Keep the raw amount in your nutrition always as high as just possible for you. Buy whole organic foods. Try to drop gluten (wheat) and sugar.

What motivates you to continue to be a successful vegan athlete?

If you wanna be capable, you need to get really good fuel. Furthermore, I don't need any motivation to know that i'm doing the right thing with vegan nutrition. It's so clear.

How has the website www.veganbodybuilding.com helped or inspired you?

I love the positive charisma on the site and the forum. There are lots of really interesting topics on the forum and such nice people!

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