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Name: Marcus patrick
Year of Birth: 1974
Height: 6’0
Weight: 185lbs
Birthplace: Bath, England
Current Residence: USA
Sports: Track and Field

Tell us a little about yourself, what you do for a living, what hobbies / interests / passions you have
Actor, dancer, trainer, with a passion for maximum human health and performance.

Why did you become vegan?
A prayer turned me into a vegan.  My questions were: What are we really doing? What is success? Do I want to fight my whole life for fame and fortune? For What? Why is the world promoting corruption and lying about it all the time?  Why are the prominent celebrities and leaders, all in the limelight due to a celebration of corrupt behavior or decisions?  Do I want to join them?

These deep questions lead me into a prayer, to ask for guidance. All animal products began to make me feel nausea. Each particular food that I ate began to make me feel sick, so I eliminated it. Step by step I became raw vegan. I began to feel better and healthier every day that went by. I studied everything I could on the subject, watched all the videos like Earthlings.

When and why did you become interested in fitness?
Since Childhood, my father was a karate teacher.

How would you describe your nutrition program?
100% Raw, Vegan. Lots of melons, blueberries and almonds. I eat when I am hungry, until I feel satiated, not full.

How would you describe your training program?
Intense, power and strength focus. I run track and hit the gym for power and strength training. I do full-body workouts twice per week, hard. One or two light workouts. Walks.

What kind of supplements do you use if any, and why?
None, I prefer natural foods.

How do people react when they find out you are vegan?
Often shocked and ask questions. I have had a few negative people say I am obsessive or in some cult, but the reality is, when one does the homework on this subject, science and logic back up this lifestyle 100% and the results speak for themselves.

What are some common misconceptions about veganism?
That vegans are fairies.

Have you had success in promoting veganism / vegetarianism to others? If so, how did you go about it?
I just be the shining example of what Veganism has done for me.

What do you think the most important aspect of training is?
Spirit and passion.

What do you like best about being vegan?
Amazing tastes and never getting sick.

What do you like best about being fit?
I book jobs from being in great shape and health.

What advice do you have for people who are just starting out with training?
Hire a professional that looks the way you want to look and thinks with a consciousness that you feel showcases true intelligence.

What advice do you have for people who are thinking of becoming vegan?
Just Do it!

What motivates you in life?
Improving the Human race.

What do you think of veganbodybuilding.com? Has it helped or inspired you?
It’s always a great thing to promote the higher ethical and spiritual way humans can be strong and healthy… A noble venture.

Do you have any other thoughts you’d like to share?
Let’s imagine a world with trees and edible greens in every ones back yard! Food is free!!!