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Name: Marina James-Galvin
Year of Birth: 11/29/70
Height: 5’4
Weight: 120
Birthplace: Los Angeles, CA
Current Residence: Santa Rosa, CA
Sports: Running & Trail Running . I just ran my first Ultra- Marathon- 50K on trails. I was amazed at how strong I felt at the end. I look forward to many more marathon and ultra- marathons on trails in the new year ( 2012 and beyond) .

Tell us a little about yourself, what you do for a living, what hobbies / interests / passions you have:
I am a certified nutrition consultant and personal trainer. I am certified through ACE & NASM for my personal training. I work as an independent contractor in a small gym with eleven other trainers. We all support each other.

Hobbies & Interests: Trail Running, hiking, walking my 2 black labs, spending time with my husband ( traveling, hiking or enjoying a night out together).

Passions: Helping educate anyone I can about choosing vibrant & healthy eating in a loving way. I also love working with rescued animals & organizations. My husband and I have 2 rescued dogs and 2 rescued cats. I look forward to the day when I have many more.

Why did you become vegan?
I started reducing my animal protein intake after watching a lot of the PETA & other animal videos a few years ago. It just feels right to my body, mind and spirit to let go of animal protein.

When and why did you become interested in fitness?
When I was a teenager and was battling a weight problem. My athletic older brother bought me my first pair of running shoes. He supported me 100% instead of teasing me.

How would you describe your nutrition program?
I emphasize lots of greens. I usually start my day with a green smoothie and always rotate my greens & veggies. I usually have a big salad with colorful veggies, raw nuts, and beans

for lunch and then gluten-free grains ( quinoa, millet, wild rice, or brown rice) along with sauté veggies for dinner. I do enjoy a small piece of 70-80% dark chocolate with a cup of green tea in the afternoon.

How would you describe your training program?

I train with a very supportive & local running group ( heart & sole ) in Santa Rosa, CA. The group keeps me motivated. I run 3-4x a week and then cross train with weight training 3x a week , stretching with the foam roller, use the stationery bike at the gym-2x a week and power walk the dogs daily.

What kind of supplements do you use if any, and why?
Vega Protein Powder, Vega Sports Energy Bars, Spirulina, L-Glutamine, Amino Acid Balance, Vitamin B 12, Vitamin Code Multi for Women. I take these supplements to feel more balanced. My body recovers faster from adding these in .

How do people react when they find out you are vegan?
Some people are very supportive and want to know why I have chosen this lifestyle and some seem uncomfortable around me.

What are some common misconceptions about veganism?
That you can’t get enough high quality protein from a plant based diet. I am always being asked “ Where do you get your protein”. I love looking at them and saying “ The Earth & Do I look like I am not getting enough protein? “

Have you had success in promoting veganism / vegetarianism to others? If so, how did you go about it?
Yes- I have been leading & supporting groups through Kris Carr’s 21 Day “ Crazy Sexy Diet” Vegan Cleanse for the last year. Many of them feel amazing after letting go of animal protein for 21 days. They feel happier, cleaner, less bloated, less cravings, sleep better, more energy, and easier bowel movements.

What do you think the most important aspect of training is?
Being on a specific routine for your goals with yourself or with a group.

What do you like best about being vegan?
That I am saving the animals!! And my body feels happier ( Less anxious)

What do you like best about being fit?
That my body feels strong & lean and I can do things that I didn’t think I could do . My body likes being challenged.

What advice do you have for people who are just starting out with training?
1. To start out slowly- be gentle with yourself

2. Join a group for additional support or connect to one or more people who are
mentors for support.

What advice do you have for people who are thinking of becoming vegan?

1. To start out slow- consider meeting with a vegan nutritionist for support

2. read supportive books like “ Crazy Sexy Diet by Kris Carr” or “ 30 Day Vegan
Challenge by Colleen Patrick- Goudreau”

3. Watch the movie “ Forks over Knives”

4. Got to a Vegan Potluck in your area

What motivates you in life?

Being & Feeling Healthy & Happy. “ Happiness is a choice”

What do you think of veganbodybuilding.com? Has it helped or inspired you?
I am so grateful for all that vegan body building has shared with all of us. It has definitely inspired me with all of the valuable information and stories.

Do you have any other thoughts you’d like to share?
I am grateful for all we have now ( information, books, movies, websites, blogs, restaurants, potlucks) that are supporting this kind of lifestyle. Thank you ;)