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Re: It Just Never Worked Out

Posted: Fri Nov 08, 2013 8:20 pm
by TheDevilsBarber
you're right, beans are a must. i'll incorporate more when i start my lifting cycle again on sunday.

Re: It Just Never Worked Out

Posted: Wed Nov 13, 2013 9:23 pm
by TheDevilsBarber
I went to trader joes for the chickenless strips. 20g of protein in a serving. here's my log from the last few days.
I stayed with my partner over the weekend, she goes to Western Carolina and it's close to the Blue Ridge Parkway. We hiked Black Balsam Knob for about a half hour up the hard backside trail (Sam Loeb Spur) and down for a half hour on the longer less steep trail(Sam Loeb Trail) and I did calisthenics after. I have one more day at the gym this week then back to normal on Sunday.

Nov 10
Black balsam knob hike
3x10 push ups
3x15 crunches
1x10 sit ups with punches
2x30sec super mans

Nov 11
20 min run
3x10 dbell curl 25 lbs
3x10 side raises 20lbs
3x10 push ups
3x8l 3x8r lunges
3x10 pull ups 115lbs assist
3x10 French press 20 lbs
3x10 dbell flys 25lbs
3x10 dbell rows 25lbs
3x10 alt dbell press 25lbs
3x15 crunches

Nov 13
3x12 push ups
3x10 pull ups 115lbs assist
3x8l/r lunges
3x10 dbell curls 25lbs
3x10 French press 20lbs
3x10 side raises 20lbs*
1x15 2x12 dbell rows 25lbs
1x15 2x12 dbell flys 25lbs
3x15 dbell press 20lbs
3x15 crunches
20min cardio

Re: It Just Never Worked Out

Posted: Fri Dec 13, 2013 3:21 pm
by C.O.
Ha, yeah trader joes... they have a lot of convenient delicious stuff like the chickenless strips. Its dangerously easy to eat processed foods from there, good thing they also have a good produce selection with great prices. They even sell hemp protein powder now too, but its a horrible flavor and really gritty, too bad cuz its a good price. Thanks for continuing to share your journal, many people follow it here.